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Programme Schedule


Chuck Swindoll

Traffic updates, special features including Lives of The Saints, The Earlybird Book Club and weekly movie reviews, and much more!

Morning Breakfst

On the Level

10 am - 1 pm

Radio magazine show which keeps you up to date on news & current affairs and brings you interesting interviews and a great mix of music.

Uplifting music and topics to interest listeners of all ages.

Morning Breakfst

Drive Time

4 – 6 pm

Covering who or what is making the news, chat, interviews, and "up to date" Cork traffic reports every fifteen minutes.

Morning Breakfst

Sporting Life

6 - 7 pm

Previewing and reviewing all the top local, national and international Sporting Action.

Join Craig Ledbetter every Friday between 7 and 8pm for "An Hour Of Hymns". The show where Craig plays some of the classic hymns of the faith, and shares interesting background on the hymns and the authors.

Morning Breakfst

In Touch

8.30 - 9 pm

Dr. Charles Stanley

Morning Breakfst

Life Sermon

9 - 10 pm

Classic sermons

Morning Breakfst

Night Life

10 - midnight

Fantastic mix of hosts will entertain you with quirky & entertainment news, useless facts and lots of laughs.