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LifeFM History

LifeFM Cork received the first permanent broadcasting license ever given to a Christian radio station by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI). 

At 7am on the 16th of March 2008, LifeFM began to "shine the light of Christ over Cork" for the first time ever.  The Lord Mayor launched the new radio station on Tue 22 April at LifeFM’s state-of-the-art-studios in Togher, Cork.

LifeFM broadcasts over Cork City on 93.1FM, providing a broad range of programmes that will inform, challenge and entertain while maintaining Christian values throughout.


The aim of LifeFM is to provide Cork's Christian Community with a unique, family-friendly radio station that reflects the ups and downs of real life, while presenting music and programming that maintains Christian family values.

LifeFM continually strives to provide to its listeners the with the following:

  • The best contemporary Christian music from Ireland and abroad
  • Up-to-date news and current affairs
  • Family-friendly radio day and night
  • Discussion, tips and advice on dealing with today’s issues
  • Christian guidance and encouragement through chat, interviews, Scripture and music

While LifeFM is both of and for the people of Cork, we are multi-national and non-denominational, and our hope is that more people come to realize that the answers to life's biggest questions and problems are not found through religious structures — but only in a personal relationship with the real Jesus.

Our Mission

Our hope is to bring a mix of music and programming unlike anything ever heard before in Ireland; but beyond that, the real purpose of LifeFM is to bring hope to the people of Cork.

You don't have to listen long to the news to know that this world is a desperate place. We want to offer a helping hand when you're facing difficult times and to help shine the Light on real life issues that in some way affect all of us, including addiction, depression, bullying and suicide.

We believe that while life is often extremely complicated, the Answer is really quite simple. It's not about religion — it's about the only real relationship that can give you fulfillment in this life, and eternal joy with your Creator in the life to come!