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Special Programmes

Ceol agis Craic

Monday 7 - 8 pm

A bilingual radio show hosted by Damien O Brien since the station began broadcasting.

Damien speaks on biblical topics aimed to encourage uplift and inform the listener, which he does through Irish first and then repeats the same in English.

Most of the music played on the programme is Irish.

The show endeavours to make the Irish language appealing to the listeners by highlighting the use of it in our Hiberno-English used in Ireland everyday, and also hopes to encourage listeners to embrace learning Irish for themselves.

Different Lives

Wednesday 7 - 8 pm

In Different Lives, guests from different backgrounds will come and share about their lives, and how faith has made a life-changing difference.

This programme is in the style of a friendly and informal chat mixed with some music.

Behind the Walls

Tuesday 7 - 8 pm

Behind the Walls is a one-hour weekly programme which aims to bring inspirational thoughts and music to encourage you through the difficult times in your life.

Across the Street Around the World

Thursday 7 - 8 pm

Ireland has become a multi-cultural society, and this weekly one-hour programme Across the Street, Around the World is an informal chat programme which provides informative views on the benefits of growing into a multicultural society.

Across the Street, Around the World aims to educate listeners about people of different cultures and nationalities living in Ireland, and also welcoming and celebrating our differences.

Spot Life

Friday 7 – 8 pm

Listen in on Friday nights for the best sounds from Cork & beyond.

Spot Life is the show that shines a spotlight on style & substance and lets the music do the talking.

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Other Programmes

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